Everybody remembers Mom's or Grandma's aprons. Some were utilitarian cotton half aprons or smocks in pretty colors or prints. Some were used only for special occasions in holiday motifs or fabics of organza or satin. Any vintage film of the 30-40-50's show any respectable woman wearing a dainty apron in the kitchen or as the hostess. We cannot forget June Cleaver with her fashionable kitchen ensemble. There was even one with matching oven mitt and dishtowel. With the advent of women's lib in the 70's the lowly apron represented women's servitude, those apron strings, those ties that bind, and they were cut. Fast forward 30 years, and many stained frocks later, the apron has found new popularity and uses. There is a new Apronation(C) on the horizon. Whether new or vintage the apron is not seen as being only utilitarian, but expresses our personality, our unique apronature(C). Apron's are not only worn in the kitchen, but in the garden and craft room, on the sales floor, and even as fashion accessories. Look below and choose your apron.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Red Letter Day and a New Book

Hello BlogPals!
It's a red letter day over at Brown Gingham Creations....it's Rednesday Wednesday...

and do I have a fun post for today here at Apronation.
I don't usually do book reviews on any of my blogs, but this book I found at the library the other day is just toooo good.
At the Library the other day I thought I'd take a llok at the how-to selections to find some inspiration and I found this gem.................
A Is For Apron by Nathalie Mornu
As I have said before I don't usually do book reviews, but this apron book is soooo inspirational....such a gem of vintage history.....and a great how-to for even the beginner, that I had to show it to you

Mornu gives a brief history of  the apron then proceeds to show her personal collection.....6 whole of wonderfully vintage goodness!

And, then gives easy to follow directions to create one of her vintage inspired designs......

Patterns and all!!

While you're out and about stop by and pick up your copy or go online. It's A Is For Apron....25 Fresh and Flirty Designs
                       By Nathalie Mornu
                       Published by Larks Books/Sterling Publishing Co.