Everybody remembers Mom's or Grandma's aprons. Some were utilitarian cotton half aprons or smocks in pretty colors or prints. Some were used only for special occasions in holiday motifs or fabics of organza or satin. Any vintage film of the 30-40-50's show any respectable woman wearing a dainty apron in the kitchen or as the hostess. We cannot forget June Cleaver with her fashionable kitchen ensemble. There was even one with matching oven mitt and dishtowel. With the advent of women's lib in the 70's the lowly apron represented women's servitude, those apron strings, those ties that bind, and they were cut. Fast forward 30 years, and many stained frocks later, the apron has found new popularity and uses. There is a new Apronation(C) on the horizon. Whether new or vintage the apron is not seen as being only utilitarian, but expresses our personality, our unique apronature(C). Apron's are not only worn in the kitchen, but in the garden and craft room, on the sales floor, and even as fashion accessories. Look below and choose your apron.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Stitch in Time.....

.......threads it's way all the back to the future! Look what I found...

Two perfectly preserved patterns from <1950-something    and             1964>

I love the collection and variety of items that can be created from these 2 packets

A babydoll Scarf and a fabric clutch

A Ponytail Scarf and Cunberbund

Slippers....not too sure I could do those, but better to get out of the 'sewing box' and try something new 8)

Apron with triple pockets....
I did one by freestyle a while back..phew..should be easier now
and 2 smock aprons

I love these. A little tweek and they would make a great item to wear for any occasion. Soooooo many ideas and not enough hours in the day.   sigh.
I'll be linking in at Rednesday Wednesday at Brown Gingham Creations, hope you can stop by!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Red Letter Day and a New Book

Hello BlogPals!
It's a red letter day over at Brown Gingham Creations....it's Rednesday Wednesday...

and do I have a fun post for today here at Apronation.
I don't usually do book reviews on any of my blogs, but this book I found at the library the other day is just toooo good.
At the Library the other day I thought I'd take a llok at the how-to selections to find some inspiration and I found this gem.................
A Is For Apron by Nathalie Mornu
As I have said before I don't usually do book reviews, but this apron book is soooo inspirational....such a gem of vintage history.....and a great how-to for even the beginner, that I had to show it to you

Mornu gives a brief history of  the apron then proceeds to show her personal collection.....6 whole of wonderfully vintage goodness!

And, then gives easy to follow directions to create one of her vintage inspired designs......

Patterns and all!!

While you're out and about stop by and pick up your copy or go online. It's A Is For Apron....25 Fresh and Flirty Designs
                       By Nathalie Mornu
                       Published by Larks Books/Sterling Publishing Co.

Monday, January 13, 2014


I have been stitching away in my cold corner of Bloglandia and to celebrate January's Flower of the Month I created a little vintage inspired apron set......................................................

 I found a nice carnation printed tablecloth that was in a mixed rag bag at a sale. Just enough to create this apron

I then hand-embroidered some of the carnations and fern fronds to give a little more texture and make it pop.

For fun I located a vintage 
Carnation Milk Cookbooklet  
and to complete the set I made a dishcloth/table runner from what little material remained. I love finding old textiles that folks think are past their usefulness and recreating something brand new. I also love searching for little things to go with it to make a bit more special. Do you have any old textiles that are ready to abandoned....
old doilies or potholders...hankies or buttons that belonged to someone special or just remind you of the 'olden' days, but you hate to part with em.....well, leave me a comment or send an e-mail
brownginghamcreations.fuse.net and let's talk. Maybe we can turn those memories into a treasure. I do custom designs! If you're interested in this apron set or other designs go HERE for more info.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year

Hope you are having a wonderful New Year. Just a little note to let you know I have a couple new vintage inspired aprons in my Apronation Shop HERE  Hope you can stop by!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Campbell's Inspiration

As on my Brown Gingham Creation Blog today's post is inspired by the chilly Autumn weather finally coming  Wait til you see what I found in the bottom og a box of apron's I purchased..................................

vintage 1930-40's Campbell's Kids apron ready material!
And, a new Campbell's  Recipe Book.....not in the same box.

I attached a vintage red and white plastic button to the waistband so you could keep a
potholder or wooden spoon close.

put em together and it's MMMMMM good as a set.
Perfect for the Campbell's Collector or as a gift for a birthday, shower, or housewarming.
Leave a comment for mor mfo.
Oh! and don't forget to visit my BGC Blogspot for the Rednesday Wednesday Party.
There are free vintage Campbell ads to copy and print for you own use.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chicken Scratch

Okay, If you haven't noticed I have an obsession.......vintage aprons. My favorite material for an apron is gingham. The favorite embroidery technique to accent an apron is known as 'Chicken Scratch' 
A form of cross-stitch  also known as Snowflake Embroidery, Depression Lace. or Gingham Lace. 
These are examples of the embroidery

I repaired this vintage red gingham apron all the chicken scratch is along the bottom also incorporating rickrack with it. I added the hand-embroidered cherry appliques from a thread-bare vintage hankie.
It was created  for a giveaway a few years ago.

This brown gingham vintage apron is from my personal collection. I wear it during craft shows. This chicken scratch creates a floral pattern on both the hem and pocket.

This green gingham apron with chicken scratch was also repaired and restored
 The embroidery is located along the hem. I will make a wonderful Christmas apron when I'm finished.

Pink gingham with a different chicken scratch pattern. restored......this will make a perfect apron for a new MOM of a baby girl when ir's completed.

\This apron was a special order for a little girl who was learning to cook. I found this vintage gingham apron with other little girl keepsakes. It was plain chicken scratch  and embroidered flowers I restored then I added vintage glass flower buttons and spoon and fork charms.

I even found a vintage cookbook for the beginner to include with it from 1949

If you'd like to learn more about this versatile and very vintage stitch go HERE 

I'm on my way to visit the ColoradoLady for Vintage Thingy Thursdayhttp://coloradolady.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Oh my goodness, 8 Friends from Brown Gingham Creations have already welcomed my new blog by Following it, even before I've posted.. Thanks for that vote of confidence,
 This Blog will be a little different from my original BGC Blog,  It is dedicated to the collecting, preserving, wearing, and creating vintage and vintage inspired aprons. This is also where you will also be able to purchase my one-of-a-kind apron designs

 Like this 1940's stamped for embroidery apron. It was all wrapped up in other fabrics and textiles tied with a bow. Imagine my surprise when I found it.

Well , I had to put thread to fabric..it just cried to be done. I only highlighted a few fall leaves with coordinating threads.

Then I found this beautiful hand-tatted doily in perfect condition and colors to .......

create a pocket. This is the completed design. I love the way it tuned out.
Oh! It also has a vintage cookbooklet tucked into that pocket

 This project was easier than most. Some of the vintage aprons I save take a bit more work......

This Apple Harvest Apron was a real fun Re-do
Pic shows after completing design not before.
                                                                               The apple applique was tricky
                                                                                       for the pockets and the re-
                                                                                       stitching of the bricks was
                                                                                        a stitch in time shall we say

And, I added small apple blossoms where needed

Then I finished the applicious apron with the perfect vintage Mary Lee Taylor mini cookbook I found.
I enjoy finding and  restoring vintage aprons to be proudly worn again by a new 
generation of members of the Apronation If you are interested in purchasing either apron please go HERE
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