Everybody remembers Mom's or Grandma's aprons. Some were utilitarian cotton half aprons or smocks in pretty colors or prints. Some were used only for special occasions in holiday motifs or fabics of organza or satin. Any vintage film of the 30-40-50's show any respectable woman wearing a dainty apron in the kitchen or as the hostess. We cannot forget June Cleaver with her fashionable kitchen ensemble. There was even one with matching oven mitt and dishtowel. With the advent of women's lib in the 70's the lowly apron represented women's servitude, those apron strings, those ties that bind, and they were cut. Fast forward 30 years, and many stained frocks later, the apron has found new popularity and uses. There is a new Apronation(C) on the horizon. Whether new or vintage the apron is not seen as being only utilitarian, but expresses our personality, our unique apronature(C). Apron's are not only worn in the kitchen, but in the garden and craft room, on the sales floor, and even as fashion accessories. Look below and choose your apron.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Oh my goodness, 8 Friends from Brown Gingham Creations have already welcomed my new blog by Following it, even before I've posted.. Thanks for that vote of confidence,
 This Blog will be a little different from my original BGC Blog,  It is dedicated to the collecting, preserving, wearing, and creating vintage and vintage inspired aprons. This is also where you will also be able to purchase my one-of-a-kind apron designs

 Like this 1940's stamped for embroidery apron. It was all wrapped up in other fabrics and textiles tied with a bow. Imagine my surprise when I found it.

Well , I had to put thread to fabric..it just cried to be done. I only highlighted a few fall leaves with coordinating threads.

Then I found this beautiful hand-tatted doily in perfect condition and colors to .......

create a pocket. This is the completed design. I love the way it tuned out.
Oh! It also has a vintage cookbooklet tucked into that pocket

 This project was easier than most. Some of the vintage aprons I save take a bit more work......

This Apple Harvest Apron was a real fun Re-do
Pic shows after completing design not before.
                                                                               The apple applique was tricky
                                                                                       for the pockets and the re-
                                                                                       stitching of the bricks was
                                                                                        a stitch in time shall we say

And, I added small apple blossoms where needed

Then I finished the applicious apron with the perfect vintage Mary Lee Taylor mini cookbook I found.
I enjoy finding and  restoring vintage aprons to be proudly worn again by a new 
generation of members of the Apronation If you are interested in purchasing either apron please go HERE
Today I am joining Rednesday Wednesdayand Friday  to Thrifty Things Friday


  1. I have never been an apron wearer, but all my family did many years. I love the one you put the crochet pocket on.

  2. Wow the autumn apron is fabulous!! I love the embroidery and the doily pocket is genius. Nice touch with the apple blossoms - you are one talented lady. I really enjoy vintage aprons. They create nostalgic memories of mom and grandma, so love is a big part of aprons for me.

    Blessings and hugs,

  3. That doily matches perfectly!

    I have a few vintage aprons but haven't done anything with them since my move.

    Congrats on a new blog! ♥

  4. Thanks for linking up to TTF! So many of us love vintage linens and aprons in particular!


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